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Why did we choose the name ‘Happy Dog’?

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Interviews | Published March 23, 2015

People often ask how I came up with the company name Happy Dog. Happy Dog was acutally first called Happy Dog Web Productions.

After freelancing for many years, I finally decided it was time to start my own business in 2009. Of course, that meant I needed to come up with a business name--a name that had some meaning, and one that could sustain long-term growth. I figured the most logical thing to do is what I like to call a brain dump. I just unloaded name after name after name on a sheet of paper. I didn’t care if I liked it or not. I just wanted to get it all out there.

I let the epic list sit for a few days and then I began the process of whittling it down. And that proved to be incredibly difficult. I was really attached to a handful of techy-sounding names, all of which had some sort of cute play on words or something really crafty sounding -- one of which was Smart Sites.

When the finalists were set, I showed my list to colleagues and friends--and really anybody I could talk to. And it was amazing. Every single person was immediately drawn to “Happy Dog Web Productions.” Let's unpack this original name.

I was a very proud owner/father of an adorable yellow lab, Alphie. While I was in the process of my brain dump, he was curled up right next to me for moral support. I looked down at him at one point, gave him a little pat and it clicked. When I saw that people have the potential to be a bummer, but a dog is always the opposite, light bulbs starting to light up for me.

Happy” goes beyond Alphie’s state of bliss that day. It belongs in our name because we believe happiness is a universal need. We want happy clients, happy employees and a happy work environment. We will only perform our best work when we are feeling our best, and happiness is key. What's the point of business success if you aren't happy doing it?

Dog” of course is rooted in sweet Alphie, who was our company mascot. But, it goes beyond the fact that he’s actually a dog. I wanted to bring his spirit into everything that we do. Dogs are loyal to a fault. All they care about is making everybody happy. I wanted that to translate into everything we do, as well as honor my loyal and loving companion.

As for “Web,” that’s where we live, that’s what we do and that’s how we operate. We believe the Internet can change people’s lives, and we are web experts. (Also, I didn’t want to just go with “Happy Dog Productions” and be confused with a video or print company.)

Finally, we come to “Productions,” which is a critical part of company model. Some people have wondered why I haven’t removed this word, but I find it too important to remove. I’ve always envisioned my company being full-service. Every Web project or campaign has many facets. Each project takes multiple personalities, different strategies, collaboration and expertise to make it successful and well-rounded. And, well, it all ends up being quite the production. We do so many technical tasks for our clients. I wanted our clients to know that whatever their web needs, we could fulfill them.

So, there you have it! That’s how the name Happy Dog Web Productions came to be.

Moving on to Happy Dog

Since 2009, we've gone by Happy Dog Web Productions. The name fit us really well, which is why we rode it for over a decade. As we grew in size and reputation, or brand needed to evolve as well. We have now shortened it to just Happy Dog. It's much easier to remember, and with our technical klout, we can pull off this otherwise risky brand position.

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