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About Happy Dog

The industry's best kept secret


Isn't it frustrating working with a bunch of different software, designed by different companies, and you find out your data is all over the place? At Happy Dog, we fix that. We use custom development and modern tech stacks to not only consolidate your data, but gain valuable insights from it.


Ryan Boog



Emily Boog

Finance and Administration


Darren DeYoung

Data Success Manager


Michael Babker

Lead Data Architect


Joe Palkowitsch

Full Stack Developer / Support

Fixing the common B2B data headaches

Imagine harnessing the power of data to make game-changing decisions. That's where B2B companies shine! At Happy Dog, we team up with these trailblazers to craft, gather, and shape data from every digital corner, turning insights into action. Let's make data work for you!

It’s our commitment to our customers that’s really making the difference

Every time we help a customer remove unneeded software; every time we build custom software; every time we solve a data driven problem that leads to flourishing, we love our jobs a little bit more.