Working at Happy Dog

is the best kept secret in Minnesota


Start your dream job as a developer for Happy Dog

We've done research over the last 10 years to figure out a perfect working environment for developers. At Happy Dog, we work on very cutting edge technology, with highly intelligent and efficient people. There's nothing better than working with a team of great developers.

And trust us, this isn't a job where you get bored, do some menial tasks, putz around and chill. This is a challenging and rewarding position that will grow your abilities and also allow you to showcase your skills.


  • We have coding standards -- you will need to make sure that all work we do is up to snuff in terms of coding and performance
  • Tackle a mostly PHP and JavaScript based workload
  • Perform code reviews through pull requests
  • Some client communication is involved, you will also have a project manager as well
  • Live up to our core value Big Picture Problem Solving by solving client problems creatively and effectively


  • 4 years experience, agency experience preferred
  • Deep and provable knowledge with PHP based applications, such as Symfony and Laravel
  • Kubernetes, Google Cloud experience a plus
  • Hefty experience with Git workflows, including Bitbucket and Pipelines
  • Vue experience a plus
  • Accurate estimation abilities
  • Friendly, always posititve attitude that team members will rave about


Crush goals and grow businesses

That's right. At Happy Dog, we grow businesses online. If you have serious pension for sales operations, you have the potential to hook up Happy Dog with multiple businesses and watch them flourish.

Not only that, you will be responsible for making the trickier parts of the sales process as smooth as butter. After all, clients love a smooth sales transaction. If this excites you, please apply below.

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Email your resume to careers@happydog.digital