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This all sounds good, but what can you do for me?

You've poked around a bit, and now you're interested in what Happy Dog can do for you. While our technical capabilities are staggering, we can summarize them by putting them into 3 buckets: development, integrations and business.


Happy Dog offers in house software development crafted to set your business apart from the competition.
How We Do Development


Reduce manual processes and finally get your data points to integrate with each other, and your business.
How We Do Integrations


Gain insights into your business and improve your tech stack with Happy Dog's business class offerings.
How We Do Business
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Happy Testimonials


Sr. Product Portfolio Manager
Xcel Energy
A reliable ally in big business
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Director of Retail Sales
Happy Dog bends over backwards to make you rock-star-amazing
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John Schultz

Director of technology and marketing
Grafe Auction
Thanks to Happy Dog and how they are working AI, we have a distinct edge.
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