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Finally, make sense with your data

Online software

Change the game with custom software built for your business

Custom software is a business success secret

Whether its an idea for an entrepreneur or replacing manual work with something more automated, a custom web application could be just the thing for your business.

What can a custom web application be? It can be anything, but realistically it is using code on a web server to perform functions for your business. Common examples would include customer portals and communication centers, but it can be so much more than that.

Bring "off-shore" to the shores of Minnesota

Custom web applications, AKA internet software, is typically outsourced overseas.

Generally speaking, the results are beyond lackluster. In fact, time and time again we have taken on projects to redo work that was done offshore.

Our software development team, managed in-house, combines worldly production speed at USA quality.

How can online software help you?

Do you have a customer portal? Are you ready for eCommerce? Do you need to send and manage text notifications based on an internal workflow with your company?

There are so many questions to ask, but there is always one right answer... contact Happy Dog to see what kind of software can grow your business.

Mobile apps

The tool to reach people right where they are

Connect directly with consumers with a custom mobile app

There are many reasons that your business may need mobile apps. But, what could a mobile app do for your business?

Mobile apps increase visibility, culitvate brand loyalty, create another channel to market in, generate revenue, increase accessibility and offer better customer service.

On top of that, you can do extras like personalize and use push notifications. Plus, mobile apps tie in nicely with social media.

Mobile apps that are coded properly

In the olden days you'd have to pay for, and maintain your iOS app and your Android app separately. We like to take a different approach.

Using the coding language Flutter (by Google) we develop fast and sound mobile apps, all from one codebase. This means 1/2 the cost of maintenance and less up front cost for new development.

What can we build for you? Contact us today to find out.

Custom CRM, ERP and more

A custom system could be that secret ingredient you've been waiting for

Finally, software that's made for you

No more using software that's meant for you and your competion. You've made it to the big leagues, which means it's time to get software to work as hard as you do.

Eliminate your monthly and annual fees

Not only does third party software give you no competitive advantage, it also has monthly recurring costs. Sometimes, these costs are astronomical. You can eliminate the accounting nightmare and take those monthly costs and reduce them down to 0. Investing in your own custom software benefits you in more ways than you think.

Do you have a development idea?